i4M Spreader Controller

The i4M Spreader controller communicates with a network of sensors, loadcells, electric actuators and hydraulic valves fitted to a fertiliser spreader. The hopper door opening and or the spreader feedbelt speed are adjusted to set and maintain fertilsier application rates in real time. The fertiliser application rate can be controlled manually or via a prescription map downloaded from the i4M server.

If the fertilsier spreader is fitted with loadcells, the loadcells can be integrated with control system to provide on-the-go calibration of application rate, minimising fertilsier wastage and ensuring the crop receives the appropriate fertiliser dosage

Serial VR Controller

The Serial VR controller enables the control of 3rd party implement controllers over RS232 Serial link. Variable Rate maps are transfer from the i4M server to the iPad over 3/4G network. As the implement moves around the field, the i4M app sends a rate message to the electronics module which communicates the rate value over serial link with the 3rd party controller.

Compatible 3rd Party Controllers include LH5000, Bogballe ZURF, AMATRON, Vaderstad and Kuhn.

i4M Machine Monitor

The machine monitor is designed to read loadcell and proximity sensor outputs to monitor machine operation in the field.

i4M Hydraulic Controller

The i4M Hydraulic Controller integrates with 3rd party implement controllers and loadcells to provide efficient control of tractor pump output and application rates. Compatible controllers include John Deere's Dry and Liquid Rate Controllers and the Rate Controller 2000

i4M Map Server

The i4M Map Server is an online GIS data conversion tool processes prescription maps for use with the various i4M control systems. After creating a free account, the user uploads map data to the server where it is converted an transferred via 3/4G network to the relevant i4M controller app.

Map Data can be catalogued according to farm name and input type, allowing for historical analysis of machine use and crop performance