i4M is a unique product leading the next wave of Precision Agriculture, where innovative machine control technologies, sensor networks and mobile devices are deployed to improve farming efficiency and environmental outcomes at reduced capital costs.

i4M is made up of a small focused team of people with a background in Engineering, Electronics, Software and most importantly of all, Agriculture. Our team spends a great deal of time on farms demonstrating our products and listening to what farmers are saying. We look for ways to make precision farming more easier to implement. i4M removes some of the complexity in running systems that have a great deal to offer modern crop production.

i4M is wholly owned by Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA), an Australian company with over 10 years experience at the leading edge of Precision Agriculture. The vision of PAA is to close the Precision Agriculture loop to ensure that farmers obtain profit and production gains through Variable Rate Technology and analysis of all forms of Agronomic Data.