Key Features of our Technology

Tablet Based

The i4M system is controlled from an Android or Apple Device running in the tractor cabin. The tablet is also used as the conduit for data transer to and from the i4M Cloud server.

Seamless Prescription Map Transfer

Transfer of prescription maps from the office PC to farm machinery is not reliant on moving large amounts of data via email or memory sticks. Prescription maps data is uploaded to the i4M server and synced to tablet device. No unlock codes are required.

Flexible Control Options

i4M is both a standalone system as well as an interface with 3rd party machine controllers designed to provide variable rate output from spreaders, seeders and sprayers. Other variants of the i4M system can be used to monitor the operation of chaser bins and other implements.

Proven in the Field

i4M has been thoroughly proven in field trials and commercial use in Australia and the United Kingdom both as a standalone system or integrated with 3rd party web based Agronomy platforms.